Now we have a way for you to select your frames without second thoughts!

Visioffice takes pictures of you in your final four frame selections. You can view them side by side and see how you look and even email these to family and friends and let help you choose.

We can now match your lifestyle to the best lens choice options for your needs. In a time where choosing the right digital progressive lenses is no easy task, the Visioffice shows you videos and we choose together. Those of you who sit by the computer for hours or those who work in wide open areas can now see what the different digital lens styles offer.

Finally, the Visioffice measures the lens to your frame and actually makes it a custom fitted lens. We want each pair of glasses to be as unique as you are.

The perfect way to make your new eyewear something you will not only look good in, but see well out of!

No matter what your choices are, this breakthrough in lens technology is something you owe it to yourself to try! We look forward to seeing you and demonstrating it for you.


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