Children’s Eye Care

Good vision and healthy eyes are keys to a happy childhood and success in school. Yet “vision problems affect one in 20 preschoolers and one in four school-age children” according to Prevent Blindness America. Therefore, we take special care of our youngest patients, with annual eye exams beginning in toddlerhood.

Eyewear Children enjoy choosing from our fun and stylish frames. Parents trust that our children’s eyewear is sturdy, safe, and offers precision correction as well as every feature their child might want or need.

Healthy Eyes Yes, children need sunglasses! From trendy non-prescription wear to transition and multi-focal lenses, children have all the options to protect against harmful UV radiation. Whether you are out on an errand or off to the beach, don’t forget the children’s Ray-Bans®.

Is your child active in sports? Damage to the eyes can be difficult to treat. Along with helmets and padding, include sports goggles in your child’s gym bag.

For more information on eye care for children, please visit the following sites: